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This Will Help You To Avoid Winter Blues

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Very often you feel down, tired and maybe a little sad when winter with its dark months kicks in. Here are some tips that will get you through the dark months:

1. How to make you feel less sleepy

Do you feel tired during the dark months?

“Melatonin” is likely to blame for it. Darkness stimulates the production of this hormone that regulates sleep. It’s the reason why we feel down and tired during the dark winter months.

The most important thing during winter: Whenever it’s sunny – seize the sun! Go outside, go running or take a walk. This is the best way to boost your vitamin D production (also see 4.) You will feel a lot happier and awake!

Even if the sun is not out it is important that you outside a get some fresh air.

Winter; depression; melatonin; sun
Winter blues – how to make you feel less tired.

2. How to make you get during the day

It sure is tempting: When it is cold and dark outside, you just want to stay in your bed, sleep in or get cozy on the couch all day.

However, this is exactly what will make you feel the winter blues soon.

Structure your day! You don’t have to pan every minute of the day, of course. However, give your day a rough routine, like this:

Get up and eat breakfast
Go outside and have some fresh air
Run some errands, go on your local market etc.
Prepare a healthy lunch
Have some fun time (reading, netflixing etc.)
Dinner time
Take a bath, go to sleep.

Winter; depression; sad; plan;
An easy way to avoid winter blues: Make a plan!

3. How to enjoy the dark months

Relax and treat yourself with something nice.

It doesn’t matter what you enjoy – do it.

Have a relaxing day at a spa, go for a massage or go to the movies.

Go into a bookstore and get a book that you can’t wait to get lost in.

Maybe you just want to treat yourself with a bunch of fresh flowers for your home? That is just fine, too.

Show that winter who is in charge of your mood!

winter; blues; depression; flowers; book;
Treat yourself: maybe with a colorful bouquet of flowers.

4. How to eat right

If you feel tired during the winter months your nutrition is essential! Have good and healthy food. Get these vitamins into your body and you will feel so much better.

By “healthy” food I don’t only mean raw vegetables, salad, and orange juice. However, a glass of fresh pressed orange juice is a great colorful start in the morning.

There is so much more “healthy food”. How about preparing a delicious stew with some fresh ingredients, like kale and carrots? Or a curry that you spice up a little? There are plenty of excellent recipes online – take a look!

Especially during the months with less sunshine, we need to get our vitamin D from other sources: Salmon and herrings are a great source of vitamin D.

Also, have a big bowl of colorful fruits in the kitchen. Fill it with apples, pears, kiwis, various berries, oranges … This does not only look fresh and healthy – it is! Whenever you pass your colorful bowl, take a piece and boost your body with some vitamins.

Winter; blues; nutrition; food; healthy;
You are what you eat! Treat yourself with some healthy fresh soul food during winter.

5. How to get out and move it!

Beach bodies are made in winter, so get started now!

No matter if you prefer running outside or working out indoors – move it! This will strengthen your immune system and make you feel better and happier in general.

By the way – did you know that you can get training plans here?

Bikini body journey

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