Skincare in winter; winter workout outdoor

Vital Skincare Tips For Outdoor Winter Workout

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There’s nothing but a nice run or workout in the cold fresh air, right?

You go outside and while running or working out you feel how your muscles slowly warm up. Especially in winter, you can see your breath.

There is no better way to clear your mind than a nice winter workout.

However, there is for sure one thing most athletes forget.

winter workout; skincare; outdoor training
When working out in winter – Do not forget one important thing!

That is what your routine probably looks like

It does not matter if your winter outdoor workout is calisthenics in a park or if you go running. Also, it doesn’t matter if you work out in the mornings or in the evenings.

Your routine is probably the same:

You put on your clothes, maybe a hat and gloves
You work out or run outside
You go back inside after 1-2 hours, maybe you do some stretching at home
You take a shower

This is what it means for one part of your body

So, cross your heart, do you feel comfortable in your skin? I mean, literally in your skin?

Have you ever thought about the skin on your face or – if you don’t wear gloves – your hands?

During a winter workout your skin has this routine:

From heated air at your cozy home, your skin gets outside
Outside might be a temperature at or under freezing point
Maybe it’s raining or snowing so your skin gets wet
Maybe wind is blowing right in your face
Back at home – heated and dry air
Finally a nice shower – with hot water running over it

During or after your workout, your skin has no time to relax!

Cold, wet, and windy air outside. Heated and dry air inside. Followed by a hot shower.

It goes from heated air to freezing point. Once used to one environment it goes to the opposite extreme.

Skincare; winter workout; outdoor training
During winter workouts outside your skin goes through extremes!

Here are the consequences if you don’t take care

These extremes from cold and wet air to a warm and dry environment are stress for your skin.

If your skin is exposed to these extreme changes for a longer period of time there are several consequences:

Your skin feels tight
Your skin is reddened
Your skin peels

Sensitive skin might react with all of the above very quickly.

It is very uncomfortable if your skin is tight and reddened. However, skin that peels is hardly possible to hide – especially in your face.

Let’s face it – your skin needs some extra pampering!

Here’s what you should do

#Before going outside

Preparation is key!

Before leaving the house for a longer stay in the cold, protect your skin.

For extremely cold weather and/or dry skin thick products are best to protect your skin (e.g. Vaseline or Nivea Creme).

If you have normal skin and don’t need too much protection you can go for a good moisturizer (e.g. Nivea Soft).

Of course, you can combine both and use the thick product for sensitive parts and the moisturizer for the rest of your face or hands.

Don’t forget some lip balm (e.g. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Stick)

skincare in winter; outdoor training
Preparation is key – protect your skin and lips before leaving for outdoor training in winter!

#While showering

Even though, you can’t wait for a hot shower after being in the cold, bear the following tips in mind:

Try to avoid steaming hot water on your face.
Try to avoid any face wash that will dry out your skin even more. Products, especially for sensitive skin, will be the best solution (e.g. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser).

winter workout; shower;
Use hydrating products for sensitive skin after spending time in the cold.

#After showering

After your shower, it is important that you put on some skincare. You can put on your regular skincare or moisturizer (e.g. Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Creme).

Be aware that your skin might need even more care during winter time. You should then add some extra hydration under your regular skincare (e.g. Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment).

Don’t forget some body lotion for the rest of your body (e.g. Dove Creme Oil Bodylotion).

You only have one skin, so take good care of it and give it some extra love and pampering from time to time.


  1. Excellent article.
    Nobody talks about things you should do to take care of yourself before and after taxing sport activities. If you in for the long run, these are definitely good practices.
    Many thanks for the good and thoughtful advice.

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