Yoga and Calisthenics for better Movement

2 Amazing Sports To Improve Your Rusty Movement Patterns!

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Tell me the truth! Why are you reading this post?

You truly want to start working out! You’re not sure how, you fear change, uncertainty took over,  etc.

You know why it’s good for you, but you lack motivation. Despite all that, you have the discipline following your career, isn’t that weird?

The difference is someone is forcing you to follow your career. No one is compelling you to be the fittest version of yourself, they all doubt! I think you have the potential to be fitter than you ever thought you can be.

Practice moving again…

The key to success is moving your body.  You are rusty, if not you wouldn’t spend your worthy time reading this blog.

Practice moving! Don’t sit on machines after work, you were sitting for at least 8 hours, sorry that won’t help you.

Recalibrate your body, teach it to move again, figure out how to you use your muscle efficiently and feel good in everyday life.

No doubt, the journey isn’t easy! Let me introduce you 2 sports that will make your stagnant body move better.

Dominance of strength and control

Holding an L-sit is strength and control, doing a pull-up the right way is strength and control. If done properly those skills are eye-catching. I’m talking about calisthenics.

Bodyweight movements dominate calisthenics, they emulate everyday life. They consist of push-ups, pull-ups, squats etc. Those are the skills I want you to practice, it doesn’t matter what your level is.

I know this sounds demotivating, you need to find the courage to start. My suggestion is, go out there and start. You shouldn’t care what message the naysayers are trying to deliver while staring at you.

The first step is building a solid foundation, this will loosen the rust of your skeleton. Each exercise consists of many progressions & regressions for every level. Start with the easiest ones. I know you are asking yourself where do I get the information from?

Passion is the key, passion will boost your desire to learn. Nowadays it is really easy to access information, by the way, I am planning to release information about this topic as well.

Dominance of beauty and control

Actually, I should call it “Dominance of strength, mobility, control, and beauty”! This is eye-catching as well, this is yoga.

I admit, I’m not the biggest yoga expert, but I reap the goods of it and it works. Yoga consists of bodyweight movements as well.

Yoga has many benefits. In this case, I will mention the physical benefits: improved mobility & flexibility, improved strength, and posture. In comparison to calisthenics, yoga is less dynamic, but not less challenging, perfect if combined.

To start with yoga you need to be enthusiastic about it, then try to visit a class, even online and things will flow. Remember, same as in calisthenics, entry level is “all levels”.

Putting it all together

Now you have some tools that can improve your posture and your moving mechanics dramatically. But wait! It’s not so easy! You need to be passionate about it.

You know, passion can’t be forced, reading this blog will not make wonders immediately. Yes, it may help to motivate you.

My advice to you, keep on reading, keep on soaking information about the subject, let yourself be inspired by the experts. Almost forgot, how could I! DON’T listen to the naysayers! Slowly you will feel this fire lightning and it will lead you in the right direction.

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