How to become a better calisthenics athlete!

How to become a better Bodyweight Athlete!

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First, before you try to be a better bodyweight athlete, let us analyze what is a good bodyweight athlete. I’m sure you noticed that moving your own bodyweight is way harder than just lifting some weights, or worse sitting on a machine, moving weights.

What is a good bodyweight athlete?

  • an athlete who controls his or her own bodyweight
  • a flexible and especially mobile athlete

An athlete who can control his or her body weight.

  1. Is strong enough to move his or her body in space with his or her own strength
  2. The athlete has enough joint stability to perform bodyweight movements
  3. The athlete has adequate coordination executing bodyweight movements

A flexible and especially mobile athlete.

  1. Flexible enough, but strong enough in his or her full range of motion

How to start training to become a better bodyweight athlete?

  • Start training bodyweight movements
  • Work on your mobility
  • Learn from the experts

How do you start training bodyweight movements?

At first, you want to start training the basic bodyweight movements, like pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and squats. This way you will build the right foundations. You will get used to bodyweight movements, you will strengthen your joints and your coordination between muscles will improve (absolutely most bodyweight movements aren’t isolated movements).

Work on your mobility…

In order to perform bodyweight movements, you will need a good range of motion, and you need to be strong in your range of motion, not just flexible. In order to do so, stretch for specific movements and use this range of motion. For example, stretching the lats for a better handstand. Be aware, set your stretching routines separate from your strength training, although some specific stretching could be done while strength training. I advise you to consult an expert regarding this, you don’t want to injure yourself.

Learn from the experts!

The experts are those who have lots of experience in the field, ideally also teaching others. Experts can be other athletes you know, personal trainers, online coaches and so on… Training with the experts will optimize your training, this way you will do fewer mistakes, chances of injury will decrease and you will reach your goals faster.

What are the characteristics of a good bodyweight athlete?

First, they have a real passion for what they are doing. They eat and train to be good bodyweight athletes.  Good bodyweight athletes have a big interest in being healthy and looking good. Awesome bodyweight athletes are not overweight, they have a good amount of muscles but are not pumped up! They are real athletes and look that way!



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