Keep progressing, even on vacation.

Training and Vacation – How to keep Progressing!

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Congratulations! If you are reading this chances are high you care about yourself and working out is important for you. You are probably concerned about how you are going to train while you are on vacation. You see yourself already getting weak and gaining back fat mass. The good news is, you have no reason to worry.

It is important you give your body rest

Your body gets stronger when you rest, workouts are just there to signal your body to get stronger while you rest. When programming your training routine you need to have the right ratio between workouts and rest, the same when planning your mesocycle. A mesocycle can consist of 3 weeks to 8 weeks depending on your training program. Between every mesocycle, you want to pause, the duration of your pause depends on the intensity of your program. You can use this for a vacation.

It is important to keep moving when resting

So you are on vacation and not working out. This is good, you let your body recover especially your connective tissue. Still, you don’t want to rest completely, you should keep moving. That means light exercises like jogging or swimming are perfect, maybe cycling or even hiking. This will keep your body active. Another option is to perform some light bodyweight movements that are not too hard for you and will not exhaust you, about 40% of your max.

Eating on vacation

Two most important factors regarding food on your vacations are: you should be in control of eating and food should be tasty, you are on vacation. Best way to do so is to have a plan in your head about when you want and should eat, this will help you being replete all the time. Choose wisely what you want to eat, there are so many options eating healthy and super tasty, even much tastier. Maybe if you are in an undeveloped country, things will be different, but even there, you have possibilities.

Healthy food on vacation
Keep eating healthy where ever you are.

It also depends on how long you are on vacation

If you are two weeks or less on vacation, is it no big deal. But if you are gone for a longer time I will advise you to find an option to work out. An exception would be for example trips to the Himalaya or similar where you won’t find any options to work out. Anyways, in such a case you were probably willing to take time off without working out. But if it isn’t the case try to find a good local gym or a park where you can work out and continue your routine, after a few weeks it could be very hard to start training again. You don’t want to lose the flow. Finding the right gym or training environment on vacation is a topic for a whole new blog.






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