Multi joint movements - Overhead Squat

Train Compound Movements to Look Good!

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I guess you are like the majority: You go to the gym to stay healthy and look good. I also guess you change your training plan often and try to isolate muscles you are not pleased with. No reason to do so, believe me, you are not a bodybuilder and you probably don’t want to be. But you want to have a firm butt, good-looking biceps, tight abs, broad shoulder etc. The right way to do so is to train compound movements and you won’t need much auxiliary work.

What are compound movements?

Compound movements are exercises where more than one joint is involved in the movement. Those movements will bring you the biggest muscle growth. These are movements that will imitate daily movements and require more coordination than simple movements. Besides the muscle growth, these movements will make you more athletic and not stiff from working on machines. And yes, they are not performed on machines.

Yoga Push-up
Chaturanga is acomplex x movement as well!

Choose and program your movements

Now that you know more about compound movements you will need to choose and program your movements. First, you will need the right balance between push, pull and lower body, for example, bench press (push), pull-ups (pull) and squats (lower body). Depending on your level you can also train more movements, but keep it balanced. If you have a specific priority, let’s say you are a woman and your lower body is important to you, by all means, do more lower body movements, but don’t forget the upper body! Just do more for the lower body! When pushing and pulling always keep it balanced out, the only exception is to do more horizontal pulling movements.

Do you need auxiliary movements?

Overall, you don’t need them for the aesthetic part. But I’ll use them especially to keep sensitive joints like the shoulder joint healthy. The other use of auxiliary exercises is to strengthen the main movements, for example, your weakness is your biceps when doing pull-ups, so strengthen your biceps at the end of your training.

Don’t forget it’s not just about implementing the movements, without programming your sets and reps you won’t do much progress. In the future, I will write a blog about that. Don’t forget your nutrition, you can read more about it here: Food is fuel! How to fuel your body!



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