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What needs to happen to succeed on​ your workout journey!

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There are many reasons why we want to workout. It’s our health, it’s aesthetics, it’s self-confidence and it could be much more. But what needs to happen to make this wish reality? You are probably working out already, but the thing is you are not effective as you would like to be. To reap those fruits of your workout a few things need to happen.

Have passion for it and love it

This is the first prerequisite to workout effectively, to have a passion for it and love it. You just can’t be effective in things you don’t like, period! You will do it with no joy, then what? When you have a passion for something you will be deeply interested. Your mind will automatically figure out the right way to be effective and succeed in what you are doing.

Priorities, Priorities, and Priorities

So you have a passion for working out, and deep in your heart, you want to succeed. Now you need to put this on the top of your priorities list. Because if you don’t, you will not have the time to follow your passion even though you really love it.

Don’t have too many priorities

So you put your passion on your priority list, but carefully! Don’t have too many priorities, you will not be able to follow all of them. You shouldn’t have more than two top priorities. If you have 3 top priorities you will succeed with no more than two.

It’s all about your workout

To really get in shape as you want to, you need to focus all day on your goal. You need to work out to get fit, you need to eat to get fit, yes this needs to be your top priority. This way the chances to get it right will grow immensely.

Eat to reach your goals

Don’t forget about nutrition, this is extremely important. Eating healthy should be a top priority, it actually belongs to the working out priority. Each meal you eat should be based on the fitness goal you want to reach, simple as that.

I don’t want to solve your motivation by saying this should be your top priority. I’m just writing as it is. When you look at successful athletes, you will see that what they are doing is their life. I want to motivate you making working out your passion and see you succeed big time!


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