Women and Pull-ups! Its possible!

Women and Pull-ups! Train and Succeed!

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One of the most common goals my clients have, is to do pull-ups, doesn’t matter if men or women. The fact is that many can’t do pull-ups, not even a single one. Usually, a drastic change in lifestyle is needed to achieve this goal. Since this is a matter of body fat percentage and strength, the person who can’t do the pull up will lack usually in one of both.

Regarding statistics, men are better in pull-ups than women, there is no doubt about that. Women produce less testosterone which is responsible for more muscle, women also have a higher percentage of body fat, what makes the pull-up harder. If you are a woman, don’t let this discourage you, you can do even more than just a few, it is in your own hands.

So, if you are not old yet and healthy, there is no reason why you can’t do some pretty looking pull-ups. You will need to take care of your nutrition and start working out to get those pull-ups.

Working out to get the pull-up

If you want to get the pull-up, you need to train the pull-up, pretty easy. Doing a few pull-downs on the machine, will not bring you the pull-up. You will need to train the pull-ups above the threshold and below the threshold. This means train harder as you actually can, for example, negative pull-up (jump up and let yourself slowly down) and easier, for example, Australian pull-up. You will need to train hard exactly as those pull-up machines do, you need a passion for it, then there is no reason you won’t get it.

Fix your nutrition if needed

People who are good in pull-ups, both women and men, have a low body fat percentage. So, if this is not the case, fix your nutrition and move a lot! You can read my blog about Take care of your nutrition! about this topic.

Sure, women haven’t got an edge doing pull-ups, it is more about how you try to do it. If you do it exactly like the people who can do it, you will be able to do it. So fix your diet if needed and get out there and start training pull-ups with passion!



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