Whats in your Bag?

What​ is in my Gym Bag? Essential Equipment!

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Today I want to share with you what I personally have in my gym bag. It’s pretty hard giving you advice because it really depends. But I’ll give you an insight to my gym bag, and maybe you can collect some ideas.

Sports shoes…

Sports shoes are obviously pretty important. I use Nikes with a pretty flat sole, I like to be as light as I can when I am working out. I also use very short black socks, that’s because I often take my shoes off when training, especially when doing bodyweight skills. With black socks, you won’t see the dirt that gathers on your socks, although the gyms I use are very clean.

Pants and T-shirt…

Usually, I use long pants when training in the gym, in summer when its really hot I use shorts. I don’t know why – I just feel more comfortable in long pants, but that really depends on what you comfortable in.

iPhone & headphones…

I cannot train without music in the gym. It keeps me focused with no disturbance during training. In summer when I train outdoors I never use headphone. I enjoy the voice of nature. I also use my iPhone respectively “Notes” to write down my training so I can follow my progressions. I find this extremely important. It doesn’t need to be Notes or even a Phone, just something where you can note your training and progressions. By seeing your progressions you will stay motivated.


Chalk, without chalk I can’t train, especially when doing pulling movements on the bar. With chalk, you have a much better grip and you focus on the movement without slipping off the bar. Besides that, you can train your grip strength better, because you won’t slip off the bar and can hold longer. Sounds paradox, but that’s how it is. About gloves, I don’t like them, I don’t feel comfortable in them and it smoothes your calluses. When they are smooth due to the sweat underneath your gloves, they can rip faster, what you don’t want. It’s better if you rip them off by yourself under the shower.

Resistant bands…

Resistant bands are good for a big variety of exercises: for your mobility and to make some movements easier. I have a few with me, some really thin ones and some thicker ones. Not every gym has resistant bands and often they keep them away from the clients so that you have to ask for them. Furthermore, often they are filthy or in a bad condition, so you don’t want to use them. Bringing your own ones with you is the best choice, also these bands are not expensive.

Push up grips…

For training my handstands and planches I use sturdy push up grips. The ones from Nike are really good and stable! There are also parallettes in the gym where I train, but often I do better with the lower ones.

Push-up grips
Those are the Push-up grips I use!


Yes, a stopwatch. I train very accurately, I watch my rest times exactly. Of course, you can use your phone to measure the time, use what is the best for you. Not to mention about measuring static exercises.


Actually, I don’t have to write much about that…

What do you put in your gym bag?



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