Workout! Find the craft you love

Want to workout? Good! Find the craft you love!

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These days, many of us want to workout. It is being said that working out has so many health benefits, well true it does! Working out improves your health immensely. My problem with this is, that we force ourselves to do sports, we do it although we don’t like it. Does this make sense to you? To me not, how should we be able to reach a goal this way. This way we just set working out at the end of our priority list. This means literally, we skip it at any chance we have. Consequently, if you are not consistent with your goal, you have a problem. You won’t reach your goals! Period!

If you are not super talented or unreal, you will be unable follow too many goals. Maybe between 1 and 3 goals, it pretty much depends. Secondly, you need to have a real passion for your goals, you need to live your goals to reach them. What I want to say with this is that for example, your first priority is your work, then your partner, then your friends and after all your health/working out. Well, you will fail with health/working out! You need to take it seriously. If not, just let it go, you are here on planet earth to enjoy it.

Find your passion!

Working out, as I said before, brings many benefits, so it is definitely worth it. Because I know you are telling to yourself, I want to work out its good for me. What to do? You need to have a craft you love, you need to have a sporty goal that you are really passionate about. There are many ways to develop a passion for something. What really helped me to develop a passion was looking up to someone famous, who achieved great sports skills. That really motivates, but be sure to be motivated no frustrated, you can achieve more than you think! It can also be a kind of sports, let’s say, gymnastics or CrossFit, whatever…  This can motivate you to start doing this kind of sport.

So, you found your passion, now its time to take action. Well, it’s easy to have a passion, but it can easily frustrate you, especially when looking up to some famous people. There is nothing wrong about willing to be the best, just do it the right way, set goals and enjoy the process. This way you will be doing sport and you will harvest the health benefits for sure. In this article, I am writing specifically regarding sport, but you can implement this in every area of your life.

Set Goals!

Now it’s time to set goals, you will not reach your goals in 2 months, it will take years, but who cares. You want to start with setting small goals, that way you won’t get frustrated, believe me, it is easy to get frustrated especially when having big goals.

Take action!

Now that you have your goals it’s time to take action, take action immediately. If you developed a real passion, you will take action immediately, trust me! I mean by that, go to the gym, to the park, to your garage, where ever and start training, through experience you will get a champion in what you do.

Taking action is not enough…

Taking action is not enough. You want to learn about your goals and the area you are active in as much as you can. This will help you to do fewer mistakes. Sure, you learn from mistakes, but you can accelerate the process. From my experience, what really helped me were books, picking up the best books in the field I am aiming to. Very important, stay away from YouTube! There is indeed good info in, but way too much info. You will have a hard time finding out which info is good for you and which one is crap!

And finally – be consistent!

The last point I want to mention is consistency, you will need to be consistent. Consistency is the key to reach your goals – in sports or elsewhere. If you develop the right passion for something you will be consistent. The only thing is that passion comes and goes. When it starts to dim, motivate youself even more, never settle down.


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