Food is fuel!

Food is fuel! How to fuel your body!

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Food is fuel! Like cars, we need to be fueled. Yeah, you are right, we are no cars, we are human beings. The difference is, we humans are fueled by biological energy and cars are fueled by chemical energy. So that is the reason why we need to get fuel. For humans to get fueled is more complex than cars, they need gasoline, that’s it! Humans need a big complex of fuel, like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and even more. We need to balance our nutrition, so we get all the necessary nutrients to operate the best way we can.

Food is fuel!
Food is fuel!

The problem isn’t actually that we don’t know that our body needs nutrients. The problem is how we think about food. Most of us don’t think about food, most of us eat when they are hungry and eat what is tasty. We should change the way we think about food because today isn’t like it was in the past. Today there is so much food in the market which isn’t good for us. In the past, if we were hungry we ate natural foods if we wanted or not.

So what is it that we need? What we need is nutrient dense food! The natural ones! Not the ones that just have the fats and sugars in it and that’s it. Better said, we shouldn’t eat too much of it. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate! Without getting too much into nutrition, when you stick to natural foods and eat a big variety of them your body will get enough nutrients.

I guess you want to stay healthy, or even get strong if you do sports. Therefore, you need to eat to become strong and healthy. You will need sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, you got it. When you prepare your meals, make sure you got a good source of vegetables or fruits on your plate, a good source of proteins, carbohydrates (from a natural source – they are good for you!)  and a source of healthy fats. Be sure you eat enough, yes! The more nutrients you put into your body the better it is, you probably won’t get fat from natural foods. Still, be sure to move enough, that’s also missing in modern life, that’s a topic for a blog by itself.

You know, the industry kills us! They want to make money, that’s ok. We want to make money as well, but definitely not on the costs of others. The industry sells food that is really really bad for us. It’s the kind of food that can kill us really, really softly! Yeah, exactly like cigarettes! The most important thing is, that we can take care of ourselves and just buy what we want to buy. Choose the good stuff: Vegetables, organic meat, fruits, potatoes and so on…

The last thing to mention, I’m not against tasty food, but I think we should enjoy the healthy tasty food. I am to 100% convinced that this is possible. A big problem is that our taste buds are used to the sugary taste of many foods. They will need time to adjust, but after a while, healthy food will be tasty for you. Start small, it will work I promise.




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