Should I hire a personal trainer?

Should you hire a personal trainer?

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My name is Sebastian Reef, or if you want just call me “Coach Reef”, and I am a personal trainer. I want to give you an honest advice about personal training, should you hire one or not. The best way to do so is to provide you with the facts. I have been doing personal training for a couple years now, those are my insights.

What is a personal trainer? 

First of all, a personal trainer is a let’s say kind of a friend of you who will motivate and train you regarding fitness, nutrition, and related topics. The personal trainer should help you reach the goal you cannot reach by your own. Many think they know much about fitness/training, nutrition etc. to reach their goal. Well, most of them don’t. In fact, they never reach their goals. The job of a personal trainer is to know a lot more than you about fitness/training, nutrition etc. He will have the right social skills and confidence to motivate you on your journey.

How can a personal trainer help you? 

A good personal trainer has enough knowledge, experience and can motivate you reaching your goals. And as mentioned before he will have the right social skills and confidence helping you on your journey. With a personal trainer, you can talk about your intimate problems, I mean regarding personal training, like let’s say, “your weight” or some health issues. As I mentioned already a personal trainer should have way more skills regarding your goals, that’s why you pay him! He should help you to reach your realistic goals you didn’t reach so far.

Which personal trainer you should choose?

  1. The one who has good feedback. This is the kind of personal training who can prove his success, in such a case you will usually be in good hands. I don’t say you shouldn’t give other trainers a chance, good feedback can also come from a friend of you who has a personal trainer who is pretty new.
  2. The chemistry between the both of you has to be good, this is a must. You don’t want to pay anyone you don’t come along with. Therefore, always arrange a trial session before you hire the personal trainer.
  3. When you do the trial session with a personal trainer, try to choose the one who focuses on your goals. Not the one who just gives you a good time or a good training in which you won’t reach your goals. I guess you want to pay your personal trainer mainly to reach your goals.

Which one not? 

  1. Don’t hire the personal trainer who doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. You are in the trial session, but it seems the trainer doesn’t know what he is doing? Don’t hire him!
  2. The one who just tries to give you a good time, if he ignores your goals. Don’t hire him! It’s important to know that sometimes, the way reaching a goal is not necessarily how you imagined it. That’s why you hire a personal trainer to show you otherwise.
  3. The one you don’t come along with, the chemistry with the personal trainer is not good. Don’t hire him, as simple as that.

What’s important for you when hiring a personal trainer?

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