Why should you workout

Why should you work out? 4 Reasons!

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Why should we workout? Because we want to, at least the most of us want to or do already. The problem isn’t wanting to workout. The obstacle is more, that a lot of us don’t like working out. As in all other areas in life, we just want to pick the fruits without working hard for it. Working out has so many benefits that everybody wants them. Do you, for example, know someone who doesn’t want to look sexy or stay healthy? Probably not.  I would like you to see working out as your top priority. Here are some reasons why.


Exercising may help you stay healthy

Exercising helps to manage a wide range of health concerns. It has the potential of preventing chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. I think that should be your first concern when working out.

Exercising may boost your confidence and your mood

Exercising helps us to improve our self-esteem by improving the condition of our body. For example, if we look better through exercise we get more compliments what boosts our self-confidence. You grow stronger with exercise. Often, physical strength can mean more mental strength.  Exercising can give you a sense of accomplishment, and therefore improves your mood.

Exercising will make you look good and feel sexy

Men want to have big guns, a solid chest and so on… Women want to have firm legs a solid booty and so on. We all want to look good and feel sexy. When we exercise we get healthier and stronger, therefore sexier. You know, sexy is healthy and strong, that’s at least my opinion.

Exercising will activate your body

Your metabolism is affected by factors that you don’t have control of like your age, gender, and your genetics. But you do have control over your metabolism by working out. We all know that you burn calories when working out. By building more muscle and working out your energy expenditure rises and your metabolism decelerates.

Those are my top reasons working out. What are yours?


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