Take care of​ your nutrition!

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Nutrition is so important to us, food keeps us lean, food makes us strong, food makes us happy, food is just great! On the other hand, food makes us fat, food makes us sick, food makes us tired. Eating right to keep us healthy and reach out goals isn’t easy. Theoretically, you think you know what you do, but practically there is so much more in there. To be healthy you definitely don’t need to be a nutritional specialist, but you need to know about food, and you need to know your needs. I am not going to lecture you about the science of nutrition, but I want to motivate you with some common sense rules.

These days there are many types of nutrition groups out there, we’ve got the vegans, the paleos, the ketos the low carbs and much more… The question that arises is what is good for you? Well, it depends, depends on your lifestyle and your goals. Whatever they are, here is my first rule, stay away from processed food, we are not meant to eat industrialized food, this makes us sick. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer are to some extension diseases caused through bad nutrition combined with bad habits of lifestyle like not moving sufficiently, smoking and more… you know what I mean.

No sugar

The second rule you might be familiar with: don’t eat in between meals! Eat your meals when it is time to eat. That craving in between the meals is exactly what makes your insulin levels go crazy. Just try to eat a few healthy meals a day, that should be totally enough for you. Like this, you let your body rest between meals and keep your insulin levels low.

Food is fuel for your body! Consider food as fuel for your body, eat what makes your body work best. Consider food less as a medium to feel good, that way you won’t get in your body what works best for you. What I mean with fueling is to feed your body with lots of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals etc.) and sufficient macronutrients (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates). The amounts vary depending on your lifestyle, as a rule of thumb balance out your meals with a good amount of greens, proteins, fats and good carbohydrates.

Nutrition is endless important, but please don’t forget to move, do sports, don’t let yourself rust and you will be so much more pleased with yourself.


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