Building an amazing legs and booty

How to build insane looking legs and booty

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Since I have been a personal trainer, one of the main goals of women I encounter is to have shapely legs and a firm booty. I’m sure you want to rock it as well in those awesome tight looking jeans. Well, theoretically it’s easy, but practically pretty hard, even if you theoretically do know what to do, you really need to have a passion for it and be very disciplined. Because it’s not just about knowing, you need to live it day in and day out, period! Having said that, still, it is even theoretically a problem, you will need to have a good understanding of strength training and nutrition.

First step:

You need to know how to train by having a good, progressive plan. This means a plan with Squats and deadlifts as your bread and butter with some auxiliary exercises. I’ll add a sample workout at the bottom. You will need to lift heavy weights, don’t be afraid to bulk up! This will make your legs really sexy I promise!

Second step:

Now that you know what to do, you need to keep your nutrition on track. That’s not easy because the answer is it depends. It depends on your current state: Are you overweight? Are you already very lean? etc. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the unprocessed food and eat lots of it. It’s not dense in calories, it’s nutritious and you need lots of nutrients to grow that booty. About proteins, you need a decent amount of them.

Third step:

The first and second step should be your top priority. You need to make it one of your main goals. You need to think about your booty all the time, without passion you won’t achieve anything. If you stick to those 3 steps, I guarantee you will succeed.

Here is a sample routine for your legs:

Squats: X3 Sets of 8 – 10 reps

Your bread and butter are Squats, the more and the better you can Squat, the more developed and sexier your legs will look like.

Deadlifts: X3 Sets of – 8 – 10 reps. 

Deadlifts are your bread and butter as well, incorporate them into your training regime. They will strongly develop your glutes and hamstrings, not to mention your lower back.

Bodyweight calve raises: X3 Sets of 40 reps.

I had some good experience doing them with your own bodyweight, especially if doing them correctly on a stepper etc. with the full range of motion, take a one-minute break between sets. You are going to feel them rudely the day after.

The glute bridge: X3 Sets of 8 – 10 reps.

Add this exercise as an auxiliary exercise for your glutes. Depends on your fitness level, you can add weights. This movement is good at isolating your glutes.

Do this sample workout 3 times a week. Note that this is just a variation for training your legs, there are many ways to do so, as for example varying the intensity. This specific Workout is an intermediate workout.  As for rest time between sets try to pause 90 sec. 

Do you find this helpful? Please let me know! 





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