Calisthenics in the park or in the gym

Training Calisthenics outdoors​ or in the Gym?

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Training Calisthenics outdoor or in the Gym? The biggest worshipper will say “Train outside no matter what”, I can understand that. I personally love training outside. For me, it’s really peaceful, I enjoy every second. On the downside, training outdoors is not all the time possible, especially where I live, in Germany. Often I was forced to practice indoors. There are many pros and cons, I thought of covering some of them, here you go!

Training calisthenics in the Gym  

Some would say you went to the dark side if you do calisthenics indoors. As already written I prefer training outside as well, but sometimes we just need to train indoors. In recent years few good gyms evolved with pretty good bars and equipment suitable for calisthenics. But still, a really good research must be done, and most gyms are still terrible, generally and especially for calisthenics. But if you found the right gym, here are some Pros:

  1. In gyms, you have good options for supplementary exercises.
  2. You can use it when the weather is bad.
  3. In the cold season, when pausing very long between exercises, it will be easier to stay warm.
  4. Perfect if you do weighted calisthenics, its pretty heavy carrying the weights all the way to the park.

On the flipside, you have some cons, here you go:

  1. Is it a hard task finding a gym with decent bars, decent parallel bars? WOW yes, a very hard task.
  2. It costs money, especially the good gyms, or the Crossfit gyms who have good equipment.
  3. Doing freestyle in the gym isn’t a good idea if you don’t wanna be kicked out.
  4. You won’t find many athletes doing the same as you do.

Training calisthenics outdoors

That’s actually where calisthenics evolved from, do you remember those first videos from Hannibal? Yes, they were filmed in the park, not in the gym. Let’s get to the point, here are some pros:

  1. Getting tanned during your training.
  2. Not dependent on the gym’s dress-code.
  3. Being able to train freestyle as crazy and as much as you wish.
  4. Great feeling training in nature.
  5. Good for your immune system.
  6. Usually, the bars are appropriate.
  7. You will find guys training like you do.

Even so, we do like training outdoors, there are some cons:

  1. In many countries, it could get really cold in winters. Even so, some kind of workouts, especially endurance can be done also in bad weather.
  2. There are many ways doing supplementary exercises, but it can get tough.
  3.  In some areas, you won’t find any parks.
  4. It can rain, the bars get slippery.

What’s your opinion on the topic? Or do you have any other pros and cons for each? Just send me a message or comment the Blog.

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