Local Market vs Supermarket

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Do you have a local market in your area? Do you go there or do you prefer the supermarket? I really love shopping at our local market! Unfortunately, I sometimes have to skip my visit and go to the grocery store where I can find everything I need. However, in times like today where more and more discounter stores and shopping centers open, I feel like making a plea for the good old traditional markets.


I am lucky enough to have one around the corner where I live. Strolling through this market is so much fun and very often you can support local farmers and merchants by shopping there. I always think that the fruits and vegetables look so much more delicious, they are arranged with so much love and the variety of potatoes and other seasonal products is just amazing! There are stands with cheese only and even a little stand with all kinds of pasta made from scratch. I even think the food I buy here tastes better!

IMG_4570Plus: Do you know the people in the grocery store being stressed because of a long line at the check-out (I admit: I am one of them) or the ones who jump the line because they are in a hurry? Maybe that is another reason why I love the atmosphere at our local market so much: The people I see there are so much more relaxed: Everyone has time for a little chat or coffee. In the center of our market is a cute little Italian Vespacar from a local restaurant selling coffee and espresso. Here, people gather to start or end their shopping trip talking to neighbors they meet.

By the way, my favorite stand is a flower stand. I just cannot pass this place covered with colorful flowers without buying at least one bouquet!


There must be a local market in your area – please go and check it out! What’s your favorite product of your local farmer’s market?

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