How do you recharge your batteries?

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I love bank holidays in summer: Last week’s bank holiday was just perfect to recharge my batteries: Even though, I am an early bird, it is quite nice to not wake up by the noise of my alarm clock. So I slept in, had a coffee in no rush, I made muffins and prepared some food for a picnic! I picked up my boyfriend from work and basically spend the rest of the day outside in the sunshine. The feeling of the sun on my skin and the grass under my feet really felt like a little, much needed vacation.

In our working life we all rush from one meeting to the next one. We chase deadlines from our boss or clients and answer emails in short notice. It is just such an extremely fast pacing environment.  I tend to have the same pace in my private life as well, because I am just so used to rush around all day long. On my days off, I usually prepare a long list of To-Dos that keep me busy from morning to evening: grocery shopping, making laundry, cleaning the apartment, running errands… I could go on and on and on.

We should really listen to ourselves and give our mind and body a break! It is so important not only to relax, but to do things that we enjoy and that make us stop thinking about work, deadlines or other worries. So what do you do to recharge your batteries? Do you take your music and work out all by yourself? Do you go running just listening to your breath and nature? Do you love to get lost into a good book? Do you love to bake and fill your apartment with the smell of cinnamon? Whatever it is that helps you to recharge – do it and let go of your To-Do-list!

I am not telling you not to clean up any more and unfortunately, if you have no shirts left in your closet you obviously have to do your laundry (sorry!). However, if no one is coming over for a visit – why not skip the vacuum cleaning one time or instead of spending an hour at the grocery store – just get the things you really need and DO SOMETHING FUN instead.

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