Why aren’t you seeing results?

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The likelihood you don’t see the results you want to may be quite high. You are working hard, but it just doesn’t work, but in the meantime this other guy in the gym or park is smashing it, he hangs there easily in his front lever, or just bench presses easily 100 kg just for the warm up. Well, they are doing something you aren’t doing. It could be genetics, but to tell you the truth, even if they have better genetics than you, it is overrated. “Mr. Front Lever” and “Mr. Bench Press” just are more consistent, work progressively and their workouts are better planned than yours, there are for sure more reasons but I want to touch these ones.

“Mr. Front Lever” and “Mr. Bench Press” are very consistent with what they are doing: Mr. front lever trains his front lever literally every single day, so no wonder it looks so easy.   Mr. Bench press has been training his presses for 10 years now, 2 times a week almost straight, so again, no wonder! There are different training methods, you can train every day, or maybe once a week, whatever, stay consistent over a long period of time.

A phenomenon I see especially in gyms is that many just don’t try to get better. How should they get better when they curl those 12,5kg dumbbells for two years now? I would suggest slowly try the 15kg ones, sure, just with perfect form. It is important you expose your body gradually to new stimuli, just that way your body can adapt, and it will adapt!

Now let’s say you want to learn the front lever. You are training it every day and always try to progress, that’s a good idea, but here we need to be smart while conducting our training plan. You need to consider a few things: you don’t want to over train, you want to be efficient, being consistently too progressive can harm you, you will wreck yourself consistently. Your training structure really depends on your goals, your level, time and much more.

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